Monday, September 22, 2014


Hey everyone!! I hope all of you had a great week! I sure did:)

Monday: I do love P-Days. That is for sure! We went to the temple again which made my day so great! My companion was still very sick, so she didn't go. But I was feeling a lot better! We then went back and packed since we knew we were leaving Wednesday at 3:30! Exciting! My companion was just like laying in bed. Poor thing. So we then went to do laundry and this is where it got crazy! She was like, "I need to see the doctor" and I was like, "Okay." So we went and she had to get her blood tested and everything. But no worries, she was ok:) She got some medication and all was good! So that was pretty much Monday.

Tuesday: We woke up, went to our usual 3 hour class time, then went to lunch. After lunch they gave us more packing time so I took advantage of that because obvi I didn't wanna be up till 2:00 that night. So we packed and what not, but a boy in my district was having seizures earlier. We were all super worried about him. So we sat around praying for him as well. We went to dinner after that and we saw Elder Porter! He was up and walking around. The doctors were deciding if he could come with us the next day to Ohio. So he was worried about that. Elder Scott spoke at the devotional that night. Holy smokes! It was so cool seeing an Apostle speak. It was broadcast to all the MTC's in the world. It was funny though cause everyone is sick so everyone was coughing through the whole entire thing. Haha. But it was a great talk! We hurried back to the room after that did our final cleaning and such and got the bed at around 11:00.

Wednesday: This morning started at 2:00 am. Ah. It was early. We were all so beat and so so tired. But we were excited to get to Ohio. I had to drag all my luggage across the campus at 3:00 in the morning. Haha. I kept just telling myself to keep moving forward. It was tough, ha, but I made it to the bus. Elder Porter had seizures that night and the Elders in our district spent all night with him in the hospital. They had no sleep at all. Literally. Elder Porter will be joining us in a month, hopefully! He just has to be medically cleared first:) So we got on the bus and headed to the airport. All 20 of us. Everyone at the airport was so excited for us and asking where we were going. Got to love Utah:) The best part was calling my family of course!:) I loved talking to them but it did make me miss them even more:( But that is okay. I am doing the Lord's work and this is worth it:) We had a lay over in Detroit then we got to OHIO!! We met our mission president, President Daines, down stairs. He was so friendly! It made me feel more comfortable. We then went to the OSU campus to the Institute building. They handed us a BOM and said "Okay go pass this out." Um. What? I wanted to die. I was so scared but they gave me an older missionary to go out with. She had me do most the talking, oh my gosh! It was so scary but we passed it out to the first girl we saw and then passed out some pass along cards. It was fun! That night we had dinner at the mission home, then went to bed. It was a crazy day.

Thursday: Transfers. We woke up, and everyone was so nervous. Then we just went to the chapel by the temple. All the missionaries were so excited to meet the "new ones". They were all starting hardcore and I felt so self conscious. Haha. We were also nervous about who our companion would be. I sat there as they began to call off most of my district to meet their new companions. They finally said my name: Sister Slater. I didn't even realize he said my name! Haha. I looked around like who? Me? Then I realized it was so I saw my new companion. A cute little red head named Sister Horsley! She is adorable! She is 5'0 so I just feel like I'm with my sissy all the time:) We went to our new apartment, and she asked if I had a bike. Um... what? I am a bike mission. Haha ya... Still getting used to the idea:) But it'll be fun! It is already getting cold here though. Anyway, my apartment is way nice actually! I have my own bathroom which is great. We went to meet a less active family and they weren't home but on our way back we talked to 3 people: Sarah, Mark, and Steve! They were all interested and want us to come back to teach them! It was pretty easy I would say. Haha:) We had dinner that night at Starliner Diner. This ghetto place, but the food is good! We ate with Brother Flanders and his family. They are so nice! Then I went to bed because I had a way long day.

Friday: Woke up, and just went into the normal missionary routine. Personal Study, companionship study, all that good stuff. It was good! I was falling asleep though.. I spent a lot of time with Sister Horsley just asking a lot of questions. I had like A LOT OF TIME! But it was good. I needed these answered. After we went and taught Ryan. He is a toughie. He goes to the Vineyard and they talk a lot of anti-Mormon stuff. So he has a lot of questions. We brought Brother Weller though and he is very doctrine. Haha. He answered a lot of them which was great! I think Ryan has some great potential:) After that we went to the temple celebration! The Columbus temple is 15 years old! So they had this big thing were non members could come learn about temples. When we went Herman was there! He is an investigator. He was very intrigued. We were happy he was there. We spent the night there helping and eating lots of sweets:) Whats a Mormon gathering without refreshments?:)

Saturday: Did the morning usual, but we have training and weekly planning which takes up most our day. Literally, that was our day. But that night we went to dinner at the Zimmermans, and went to see Herman. He couldn't talk to us then which was sad:( So then we walked home. I have no bike so it takes forever to walk.. Yup. That was Saturday. Haha. Wait, we met our neighbor outside, Alberto. He wants us to come teach him which is way cool!

Sunday: Church at 9:00. I am actually getting to know the ward pretty well. They are so amazing. After church, we had training, ate lunch, took a nap, all those good Sunday things:) We then got a ride up to Dublin and went to teach Tristan. He is Ryan's brother. He is progressing so well. But when we got to his house, he wasn't home. Sad. It is okay though he actually texted us and told us he wouldn't be. Haha. We didn't read it in time. So we went to Sister Cones. She is so cool. Like, I love her. She has to get brain surgery next week. She has had a few in her life so she is pretty much amazing. She made us brownies and we hung out and ate brownies and such. Then her husband came home he works at Cheesecake Factory and he brought us a WHOLE CHEESECAKE. Well, like a mini one but it is red velvet and I was happy:) We had dinner at the Hobbs, then walking back from there we saw Tristan and Ryan walking down the road. What? Haha. It was fate. It was good talking to them!

I am loving it here . I will admit it is really hard. I wake up in the mornings very home sick.. But as soon as I get going doing the Lord's work, I am happy I am here! I love being a missionary! I am thinking about you all!

Love- Sister Slater

The pilot of our plane was Mormon so he loved us! He let us sit in the cock pit. (I think that's what it's called)

Elder Shields, Elder Afalava, Sister Horsley and me:)

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