Monday, September 8, 2014

First name Sister, Last name Slater.

Hey family and friends! How are all of you doing? I for one hand am having the time of my life!:) I do not have a first name anymore... haha but that is okay I am loving it:)

Wednesday: Probably one of the scariest days of my life!! My family dropped me off (they cried, I cried) haha and I was off. My host was Sister Larsen she is just the sweetest! She made me feel so comfortable! So she took me everywhere to get my books, to get my name tag:) ah that was the best moment was putting my name tag on!! Then I was off to meet my district and companion.

This is my sweet companion Sister Currier aka MTC Mama:) haha she is 23 and takes care of me very well:)

We met our district and had PYP that night. That is when as a big group of all new missionaries we meet some investigators (some real, some fake) and ask them questions. It was a really cool experience:) I talked a lot, more than I thought I would.. I guess it was just the spirit:)

Thursday: I literally sat in class for about 9 hours this day. Luckily the classes were good:) My teachers are awesome Brother Comb, and Brother Gardener

These are my cute roomies Sister Russ, Sister Wise, me, and Sister Currier:) they make class not so boring:) WE ARE ALL GOING TO OHIO.

We met our branch president, President Towsey. He is just so sweet! I love him! His counselors and their wives are amazing a well. We also met with our Zone they are cool:)

Friday: We had to get up extra early this morning to do a service project. Which basically consists of us cleaning the buildings but that’s okay! I am here to serve right?:) Another like 7 hour day of being in class but today we taught our first investigator- Matt. He is really just my teacher acting like a man named Matt but hey that's okay:) We taught him the first lesson he took a Book of Mormon and committed to be baptized! Well he said he would think about it:) Good old Matt:) Sister Currier and I teach great together I am getting more confident:)

Saturday: Again a lot of class but no worries I am learning a lot:) I am finally starting to understand my purpose here:) Today we taught Tracy and he is just great! We gave him a BOM and he committed to pray yay:) He is so sweet! We had a meeting with President and I am now a Sister Training Leader. I am in charge of all the Sisters coming in next week into our Zone:) I feel so blessed that I get to be a leader to these new sisters!

Sunday: It was fast Sunday. So I had a long hungry day ahead of me. But since it was fast Sunday we had mission conference! yay!!! The talks were incredible the Presidency of the MTC and their wives speak on what I exactly needed to hear! We had sacrament meeting and I bore my testimony:) This is the only fast Sunday I will be in the MTC couldn't pass that up! That night we had a great devotional, then we watched the most incredible talk I have ever seen. Elder Bednar: Character of Christ. You can only see it in the MTC. Oh my goodness was that talk a slap in the face, but the most loving slap in the face you can get I guess:) He talked how Christ's Character is he turns outward when the natural man would turn inward. He pretty much yelled at the missionaries and said "GET OVER YOURSELVES, you are here to serve. Not only on the mission but in your lives. Suck it up and get over yourself" All the elders and sisters were taken back and it really motivated us to serve and to stop thinking of ourselves.

Well, I didn't have the most exciting week for you guys to read about but me living it, was one of the best weeks of my life. I am learning so much and realizing my full potential. Thank you all so much for the love, and support. I love you all so much!! I am so excited to get out into the field next week and serve God's children, and bring them unto Christ.

Love- Sister Slater

The name tags... ah:)

Thank you all so much for the packages! The mean the world to me and make me feel not so forgotten:)

Sister Russ and I with our Turbie Twister swag:)

My cute zone! I love them!

Sister Currier and I on our Sunday walk

The District

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  1. Such a strong, loving, beautiful, sweet, powerful, humble, grateful Missionary, Sister Slater! You are going to be such a marvelous influence in the Ohio Columbus Mission!! Love this great Missionary!!!