Monday, December 8, 2014

'Tis The Season

Hello family and friends!
So, Sister Horsley and I were at the grocery store Monday and this guy walks up to us and asks us if we hang out at the library a lot. We actually do because that is where the computers we use are!:) So we told him yes and he told us he sees us there all the time, but he never had enough courage to say hi to us! He said he could tell something was different about us. We told him how we are missionaries from our church! He said oh that is probably it cause you two are just so pretty and you have a light with you. He was super sweet! He told us he would like to talk with us more, and gave us his number! What?! It is just so crazy how the Lord prepares people! This man has seen us at the library for weeks and now he wanted to say hi, and he is interested in our message! Miracles do happen I tell ya! They do! It is just so cool how often you see them out in the mission field.
This week really was pretty un eventful... no cool baptisms like last week but I will still tell you about my week! We taught Meredith. She is this really nice older lady, and she always tells us about her “significant other”, her boyfriend haha. She is just hilarious! She is progressing alright... she is having a really hard time with Joseph Smith so we are helping her with that. Oh! So do you remember me talking about Sarah? Probably not. We met her my first day in the field. We saw her outside her home one night and she was like “you can walk with me to take my daughter to her friends house down the street.” We were like sweet! So we went. She opened up to us about issues going on in her family right now, and how she is just having a really hard time. Sister Horsley and I gave her a BOM and told her it could help her through these very hard times. She said she would read it. We love Sarah! We know this gospel can help her in her life. She is so awesome! You will for sure hear more about her.
So, our mission is really trying to get into family history. It is so fun! I am guilty, I have never really been on family search before until now... it is amazing! Oh my goodness! I could spend hours on there. I read a story that truly touched me. It is about my great, great grandma Pauline. Her faith is just so incredible. She had a hard time getting pregnant and she just wanted a baby so bad, but her body had complications that would not allow her to have a baby. She went to the temple one day and said she knew if she touched the prophets hand she would be healed, and be able to get pregnant. Well, as she was in the temple down walks President Joseph F. Smith down the stairs. He grabbed my grandma’s hands, and she knew immediately she was healed. She had my great grandma Ruth a year later. How amazing is that?! The faith she had. She said she thought of the story of the woman who touched Christ’s robe. It is just so amazing what faith can do. The Lord works off of faith. That story of my grandma Pauline really inspires me to have more faith in the Lord, and in myself. Ah! I just love that story.
Sister Horsley and I decided we really want to help less actives and focus on them. So, we spent legit like 3 hours coming up with ways to help them. It was really long, but it was so cool! All these ideas were just flowing! We were truly listening to the spirit! Saturday I was sick. I got a sore throat Friday and Saturday it was just so bad. I slept a lot of the day. It was crazy that my whole day was just gone! I went to sleep when it was light, and woke up when it was getting dark! (ok, it gets dark here at 5 but still!) That night we had a lesson planned with Wes that I did not want to miss. So we walked a pretty far distance to Panera Bread for our lesson. It is the new member lessons so we are teaching all the same lessons, but we made him teach them to us! Hehehehe. So, Wes taught us the Restoration. He did amazing! His testimony is so strong I am like woah Wes! When did you turn into such a spiritual giant! He is so amazing ahhh!
                Sunday I still wasn’t feeling well... I felt like I was floating on a cloud all day haha but Wes received the Priesthood! It was amazing! He was beaming. He felt so humbled that Heavenly Father would trust him with the power of God. He also got his temple recommend so he can go do baptisms! He wants to baptize his dad! I am just so excited for him! We love talking with Wes. It is just so convenient he is our neighbor, we just go over and talk with him any time we really want haha it is fantastic! Oh my goodness did you all enjoy the Christmas Devotional?! I loved it! We watched it with Wes and he really enjoyed it as well! I loved Elder Christofferson’s talk about the boy who celebrated all those Holiday’s in a week :) It was just the sweetest story! I felt the spirit so strong during that, I am so grateful for this gospel and for this time of year.
So yeah not a super exciting week, but still good :) Everyone is getting sick so it does not surprise me at all that I got sick… #tistheseason haha. Transfers are the 11th. We are pretty sure Sister Horsley is leaving but, hey, you never know. We will get the call Wednesday. AH! I am nervous but, I will go where the Lord wants me to go, and be with who the Lord wants me to be with :) So you will get the details in the letter next week! I appreciate all the prayers! I love you soo much!  BYE!!

Merry Christmas! Love the Who's of Ohio :) 

Our "retro" picture... that's what the filter was called haha. 
Ok, so with these pics this was the plan... to flip our hair and then do a glamour shot face after... this is how it turned out. Scroll slowly :)

So you see my glamour face... and Sister Horsley's :) We were dying when we looked at these! Hahahaha man missions are great. 
How cool is this picture? I like how it brings out the red in Sister Horsley's hair :)

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