Tuesday, December 16, 2014


This is such a crazy week! AH! Transfer week is always a crazy week though. Monday Sister Horsley got a call that she is going to be a Sister Training Leader! So crazy! So that means we are for sure being separated :( How sad. It is ok though! A mission is all about change and change is good! So that means Tuesday she would be at training most of the day... and I had to find somewhere to be while she was there. I pretty much had to find another companionship to baby-sit me haha. So, we asked the Westland Sisters if I could hang with them for the day! I was really excited. Sister Horsley was really nervous for training. Well, she is nervous to be an STL but she’s got it :) I am not worried! She will be AMAZING!
         It was fun to go with the Westland Sisters! I got to meet a lot of new people. Sister Fisher is one of the missionaries leaving this transfer so she was packing and what not. Crazy! She was a little trunky, but not too bad :) I came home and Sister Horsley told me all about her training! She said it was scary, but good :) Haha I don’t know why but it hasn’t really hit either of us that she is leaving, and we will be getting new companions.
         Wednesday was P-day so we went and did p-day stuff like shopping and what not. We went to Steak n Shake with Wes since it could be one of the last times Sister Horsley would see him! :( During lunch we got “the call” haha. It is the call to see who is staying, and who is leaving. We were told that Sister Horsley was leaving, and I was staying. SHOCKER! Not really haha :) We already knew it. We spent the rest of the day packing and cleaning... it was fun.., haha! But we had dinner with the Jolley’s, and they have one of those chair stair things. You know, like the one Carl has in UP! They let me ride on it! It is like a little roller coaster! I was super pumped :) It was the highlight of my day!
         Transfer morning was sad... it finally started to sink in that she was leaving... and I started to get a little bit of anxiety about getting a new comp. It is hard to change! And that is what missions are about, taking you out of your comfort zone so you can learn and grow. I was nervous of who my new comp would be but I knew the Lord will put me with someone I am supposed to be with. Sister Horsley and I celebrated in the morning with Martinelli’s and a pre-Christmas party haha. We got each other little stockings and put candy in them :) It was a fun morning! We rode with Sister Hammond to transfers and that’s when the anxiety really started to come. AHH! I didn’t want a new comp. But all is well :) Sister Horsley and I were sad to separate but we knew it was for the best!
         I was one of the first people to get a new companion, and I got Sister Thomas! She is so cool :) I just love her! We get along really well :) She is from northern California. We came back and ate lunch and went to see a lot of members and stuff, so that was fun.
         WE GOT TO GO TO BAPTISMS WITH WES! Oh my goodness it was so exciting and incredible :) We also got Brother D. to come so that was good too! He was baptized a year ago and never came to do baptisms before... we were happy we got him to come :) But Wes baptized his dad! The spirit was so strong, he said it was so amazing. I was so happy Sister Thomas and I could be there for him and this incredible experience. Wes has a count down on his phone to when he gets to be endowed. He is so excited :) He cannot wait to be able to do that for his dad as well! Such a blessing that we have temples!
         It is hard taking over the area not going to lie! I mean Sister Thomas has no idea what is going on in the area so I am on my own for the first week or so but no worries I got it :) It is crazy because I am not being trained anymore! I am a normal missionary! Makes me feel cool haha :) Saturday was the ward party, which was a lot of fun! We listened to Christmas music and had ham, haha. It was a good chance for Sister Thomas to meet the members! Transfers are just so inspired. Sister Thomas and I get along so well :) I love how the Lord truly does put you with who you are supposed to be with.
          So, this week P-day is Tuesday because Monday we had a specialized training with Elder Perkins of the seventy. Oh my goodness! It was amazing! He talked about in the beginning how when you have a really spiritual experience it wears you out, and you are tired after. This is what happened to me after Monday! It was incredible! The training lasted 8:30-4, and the spirit was so strong the whole time. We talked a lot about being obedient, and Preach my Gospel. Elder Packer said about Preach my Gospel, “It was written on the other side of the veil, and printed here.” Woah! How crazy is that? That just shows how amazing PMG is. I am so grateful I have it here on my mission. We also wrote a little psalm. Here is mine: “Praise ye to the Lord for He hath carried me, and strengthened me. The Lord, He is my older brother and Savior and I will always love Him.” I just love it! Its like my own scripture that I wrote :) So overall Monday was AWESOME! And we finished the night off with Chick-Fil-A because Sister Thomas hadn’t had it in a year and a half! She was in heaven :) Oh and my family is doing a 12 days of Christmas thing for me. Everyday I have a little present to open :) I just love them! It truly is making my Christmas more special!
         Sorry this week’s email is all over the place because honestly this week was all over the place. But, I love you all sooo much! I hope you all have an amazing Christmas season! It is upon us! :) Have a good week :)

Our celebration morning :)
Goodbye to Sister Horsley :(
Sister Thomas! :) 
This was at the ward Christmas party! We took it when everything was almost cleaned up. Haha it was fun though :)

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