Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween... and Stuff.

Did you know that if you catch a fly, put it in the freezer, let it freeze, then tie a string on it that the fly will un thaw and you will have a fly on a leash? Haha it’s true! So Sister Horsley and I attempted it :) We caught a fly it was a big one too (they are usually the dumbest) and put it in the freezer! Unfortunately, we let it freeze for too long so we killed him, but, if you don’t over freeze him then you can totally have a pet fly! How cool is that?! Ohh boy we did so much yard work Monday. Sister Horsley and I were both so so tired after that but it was worth it! Helping people is the best!:) But who knew that pulling weeds could literally take everything out of you. Transfers are this week… but Sister Horsley and I are pretty much positive we are staying here in Hayden Run and together! Yay!:) I love this area. I for sure am not ready to leave.         
Crazy things are happening with investigators.. we went to go see Richard and when he walked out he was totally dumping us! NOOO! He was pretty much telling us how he didn’t want to meet anymore when all of the sudden he started asking questions about our religion and becoming really intrigued. He asked A LOT of questions about Joseph Smith, and that is because his neighbor (a former investigator) is totally Anti- Mormon so he had a lot of interesting questions for us. Can I just say I am so grateful for Heritage Tours, because a lot of the questions he asked were latter day church history questions. Sister Horsley was very impressed with me because I could answer most all of them :) I told her that is what I get when I am on a bus for 6 hours every day for 3 weeks with nothing to do but to read about all the history sites haha:) Man, I love Heritage Tours. Anyway, so then Richard asked us when we could come back and talk more! What the heck. First he was dumping us, and then he asked US to come back? He has never asked us before! Usually we have to ask him! Miracles I tell ya. Miracles. The Lord is just so good to us:) Looks like you all will be hearing more about Richard:) I have more Wes stories no worries:) He is progressing SO WELL! Oh my goodess! He makes me love being a missionary! We had a lesson with him on the Restoration, and boy did he soak it all in. We watched the Restoration with him and the spirit was so strong. I do not think he knows how to recognize it yet, but he knew he felt something. Brother Hammond told a story about the priesthood and he said he felt the spirit during that story, and he could recognize it. We extended baptism to him and he said he wants to know if the church is true first. He does not want to jump into anything, which is totally understandable. But he said if he did know he would totally be baptized! The spirit was there:) We are so excited for Wes. We told him as he continues to read to BOM he will know. He knows how to build the faith he has:) It was a great lesson! And he is coming to church Sunday! Yay!
P-Day this week was fantastic. We stayed in our jammies until like 2:30, haha it was so great. We made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, did our study and watched The Testament. It was so chill! We also took like an hour nap which is always so nice:) Then we headed to Target and did some shopping. I bought the cutest cheetah cardigan. I have recently decided that cheetah is a neutral, it goes with everything. Target has way cute clothes right now, it is hard being on a budget! Haha:) We also got some new candles, they are Christmasy smelling:) We came home to our apartment sink having a leak. Of course. I swear nothing goes right in this apartment. It is a struggle. On the bright side though we are not being transferred:) yay! I am happy to be staying here with Sister Horsley. There are still things I need to do in this area and people to teach!
Sister Horsley and I have been listening to Christmas music all week. We like to set the mood, chirstmas music+candle= perfection haha. Literally every chance we get music is playing and a candle is lit. It makes us feel like we are at home!:) Can you believe it is the end of October? AHHH!! Where has time gone? Halloween is among us! It is funny because here in Ohio each city has a designated night for trick or treating. So even though Halloween is Friday, the kids in Hilliard are trick or treating Thursday, and they go on Thursday every year. Weird, I know haha. Halloween is Halloween! But whatever, it is still crazy it is Halloween! I remember last year like it was yesterday... Morgan and I dressed up like Harry Potter:) Good times.. but yeah by the time you read this it will be November! What?! Craziness.
Gosh, you have days on the mission where you just get nothing done, and it is awful. That was Thursday. It felt like it was 10000 hours long. Not to mention it was freezing. We went to see people for 3 hours and 2 people answered. And when they did it was like for 2 seconds. It was awful. So to cheer us up we went and saw Ryan. We chilled with him for a little bit then left when the trick or treaters came. Because it was their designated day, oh and they also have a designated time… they can only trick or treat from 6-8. So dumb. I love that even though we stopped teaching Ryan we are still buds with him. Sister Horsley and I were really looking forward to our lesson with Wes later! Are you sick of hearing Wes stories yet?:) Well, I am sure there will be PLENTY more to come:) On Thursdays we have BOM study with Wes where we can just read and share what we learned and stuff it is fun! When we were closing up Wes was telling us how he is excited for church and how he loves church! But then he was saying how he has been trying to find God for a while, and that he is so grateful Sister Horsley and I came knocking on his door, and how he is so grateful for the members. Then he said something that touched me, because it made me remember why I am a missionary. He said “I thank Heavenly Father for you two, and I feel like you two didn’t get transferred because I need you.” That line right there is what missionary work is about. Helping people come unto Christ. Helping them find God. Where ever the missionary may be, people are searching and it is our honor to be representatives of Christ to go find those people so they can be blessed. Wes is just so incredible. I am so grateful for him!
Eek! Halloween was fun! We did some swell Halloween festivities:) We got some pumpkin spice sparkling cider, and some cute Halloween cups and toasted to Halloween which is always fun, and we did our home made photo booth!:) Pictures inserted below haha:) We also “carved” pumpkins! Ok well... we really just drew on them with marker but hey close enough:) We tried to make Halloween festive and fun:) Especially because no one answered their doors that day:( AGAIN! Oh, and it was freezing cold. But hey! Still lovin’ the workJ
Wes came to church on Sunday! YAY! He loves church:) He really enjoyed testimony meeting. Later we taught him a lesson on recognizing the spirit, and he said he will work towards getting baptized December 6! SO EXCITING!!!:) It is cool because Sister Horsley and I found him, and he has progressed so much in just the short 2 weeks we have been teaching him. THIS IS SO AMAZING!:) 
Well everyone, I have made it through one transfer. What a blessing missionary work is. I am loving it! Hope you all had a fantastic weekJ Thanks for all you do!:) LOVE YOU!

Photo booth test-run picture... we were excited.

Companionship love. She was amused. 
Love her!
This was my beautiful missionary pumpkin. Isn't he cute? :)

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