Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Call.

So this was the plan.
I told no one I was going on a mission. None of my extended family that is. They would never expect if from me. So, the plan was I would turn in my mission papers April 30. That gave us 3 weeks until a graduation party my family had planned for my sister and I.
It was the perfect plan! We would have both sides of the family together, I would announce I was going on a mission, then I would open my call. 
The day of the party came, still no call. It was all okay though. I knew why I did not receive it in time. I was focusing more on the excitement of surprising my family with my call than the call itself. 

God works in mysterious ways.

I still surprised my family though! They were just as shocked, and I still got a prime reaction from them.
I got my call the week later. I waited four weeks for that thing, but it was well worth it. 

As soon as I got it in my hands I put on my church clothes, and headed to the temple. Here is the thing, realizing that opening a call is more than just having the whole family together and their excitement, I decided to open it all on my own. I sat on the temple grounds, read my patriarchal blessing and opened my call. It was truly such and amazing, and spiritual experience. 

I eventually opened my call for my family! Unfortunately since I opened my call ahead of time on my own and already told my parents and sister where I was going, there was no excitement or really emotion when I read it for the fam haha which I think took away some of their excitement as well because they knew I already opened it. Oh well, like I said before, it is about you and your call, not the excitement from friends and family:) No worries though, they're excited for me!:)

My sweet sister caught my experience on tape, minus me opening my call at the temple. She made the sweetest video of it. She is so legit, I love her! So here it is… 
Sister Slater receiving her call. 

allie's mission call opening from savannah slater on Vimeo.

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